Education (NTiE) 

Gibraltar is aiming to develop a deep pool of talented professionals proficient in distributed ledger technology for companies to build their projects around. 

Gibraltar already has a wealth of English-speaking professionals in the areas of advanced online technologies, cross-border finance and marketing. E-commerce employs thousands of people in Gibraltar.

New Technologies in Education Key Advisory Group (NTiE)

Education is a key component for the long-term sustainable development of Gibraltar as a global hub for innovation. In 2018 HM Government of Gibraltar created the NTiE.

New Technologies in Education (NTiE) Key Advisory Group has a direct link with industry and segment leaders. Formed of influential members of Gibraltar’s technology and education sectors, they each bring unique experience and expertise and help drive our curriculum forward. The Mission for NTiE is to facilitate the development and delivery of educational programmes in new technologies that enhance and develop expertise in Gibraltar and abroad across the education sector and industry.

Inaugural core members of the New Technologies in Education (NTiE) Key Advisory Group:

  • Group Chair: Ms Nadine Collado, Director of Professional Development & Short Courses, University of Gibraltar.
  • Mr Paul Astengo, Senior Executive, Gibraltar Finance, HMGoG.
  • Professor Catherine Bachleda, Vice Chancellor (Ag), University of Gibraltar.
  • Dr Joey Britto, Office of the Chief Secretary and former Director of Education, HMGoG.
  • Dr Darren Fa, Director of Academic Programmes and Research, University of Gibraltar.
  • Mr David Parody, Chair, Gibraltar Association for New Technologies (GANT)
  • Ms Keri Scott, Senior Education Advisor, HMGoG.
  • Mr Christian Celecia, Director of Information Communications and Technology, University of Gibraltar.

Press release advising of the launch of NTiE on the 18th October 2018.