United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has announced the launch of its Digital Sandbox

26 Jul 23

Following on from the #EU Blockchain Sandbox announcement, the #UK is now stepping forward with its own permanent digital sandbox initiative. Initially open to startups and data providers, it is hoped the UK sandbox initiative will be configured to support several distributed ledgers and digital-asset use cases.

The creation of this digital sandbox opens up a world of opportunity for fintech companies and startups to experiment with their innovative ideas. I have no doubt that such an initiative will foster an ecosystem of collaboration, shared learning and further propel the growth of the UK digital assets space.

Being a jurisdiction with a robust Distributed Ledger Technology (#DLT) regulatory framework, we understand the importance of nurturing responsible innovation while safeguarding participants. With this in mind, I interested to keep a close eye on the progress of this ground-breaking initiative.