Minister Feetham Visits Capurro Insurance

15 May 24

Capurro Insurance recently hosted Minister Feetham as part of his ongoing Ministerial outreach  programme. The visit, at the company’s invitation, saw a discussion with the management team  centred on the contribution of local businesses to Gibraltar's economic stability, career  advancement initiatives, and the role of the financial services sector. Minister Feetham, as is usual,  requested to meet staff individually and toured the office. 

Minister Feetham's outreach programme underpins the Government of Gibraltar’s commitment to  fostering collaboration between the public and financial sectors. 

Minister Feetham commented: “I am grateful for the invitation to visit Capurro Insurance. I have  often said that in order to ensure the permanence of businesses and skills in Gibraltar, we must  encourage local entrepreneurial spirit. Capurro is a prime example of that. The business has an  impressive history, going back to 1876. Whilst Capurro Insurance itself has been an integral part of  Gibraltar's insurance landscape, the group diversified its business into other areas in Gibraltar over  50 years.”