Gibraltar’s Insurance Sector Shines in Recent Seminars

07 Dec 23

The Ministry of Justice, Trade and Industry is proud to announce the successful conclusion of two insurance seminars in Gibraltar, highlighting the jurisdiction’s ongoing commitment to the insurance industry's growth and excellence.

PKF Seminar on Insurance Regulation hosted by PKF Canillas and PKF Littlejohn

Held on 28th November at the Sunborn Gibraltar Hotel, this seminar focused on the importance of understanding UK regulations for insurers in Gibraltar. After an introduction by the Minister with responsibility for Financial Services, the Hon Nigel Feetham KC, experts discussed the UK regulator’s approach to protecting insurance customers, the impact of these regulations on local practices, and insurers' preparedness for reinsurance recoverable credit risks. This event provided invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of insurance regulation.

5th Annual Marcuson Consulting Gibraltar Seminar

Earlier in the month, the Sunborn Gibraltar Hotel hosted a seminar that fostered a rich dialogue on the future of insurance in our jurisdiction. Minister Feetham introduced the seminar by outlining some ofthe opportunities in store for Gibraltar’s insurance sector after which the seminar drew on the expertise of industry leaders and moved onto a more detailed discussion around Solvency and Financial Condition Report.

The Minister for Justice, Trade and Industry,the Hon Nigel Feetham KC, commented:"I am grateful to the organisers ofthese events for their kind invitation for me to address their guests as a keynote speaker. One of the advantages of doing financial services business in Gibraltar is the access that business has to the Government, the regulator and to the well-established and professional advisory network in Gibraltar.

“It is this precisely events such as these that allow us to demonstrate that accessibility first hand. The success of these seminars reflects Gibraltar's robust and dynamic approach to insurance regulation and practice. These discussions are not just academic; they are a crucial part of our journey towards being a leading insurance hub. We are committed to nurturing an environment that supports innovation and growth in this sector and I look forward to the next round of events scheduled over the next couple of months."

For further details on upcoming financial services events or any other queries, please contact the team at Gibraltar Finance on