Albert Isola – a view on MiCA

04 May 23

The latest edition of the Gibraltar International Magazine has been published.

Albert Isola, Minister for Digital and Financial Services for HM Government of Gibraltar has contributed an article that highlights the resilience of Gibraltar in the face of MiCA.

His commentary follows to successful vote in the European Parliament of the long expected and delayed MiCA legislation.

Undoubtedly a significant milestone in the ongoing development of this industry and welcome in so much as that it provides a regulatory framework for #EU states. We will continue to review and monitor the content overtime as we formulate a more detailed view.

Regulatory certainty is an absolute necessity for firms investing in the future of this industry. It serves to protect consumers, underpin investment in the sector and provide a platform for talented people to create the businesses of the future.

Once again, this important step only supports the decision we took in 2018 to launch the DLT Regulatory Framework in #Gibraltar.

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