Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote Gibraltar internationally as a centre of excellence and jurisdiction of choice for financial services. Through this, we will support the development of new, sustainable business in Gibraltar and secure Gibraltar’s continuing economic prosperity.  

Our Principles


We believe that a strong regulatory system provides the perfect environment for businesses and individuals to thrive. 

Gibraltar’s regulator is renowned for its thoroughness and its accessibility, and its open-minded, professional approach to creativity and innovation, which is the life-blood of any progressive economy. 

We believe that transparency, accountability and enforcement are the foundation stones that underpin confidence in Gibraltar.


We take pride in Gibraltar’s strengths: professional expertise across the financial services sector; good working relationships between service providers, government and the regulator; a strong regulatory framework; growing international reputation; international links and networks and a modern, vibrant business environment.

We actively market our strengths and the benefits of domicile in Gibraltar, seeking at all times to enhance Gibraltar’s reputation through all forms of media, personal representation and corporate attendance at international industry events.


Gibraltar is renowned for its close relationships, and in particular between professionals, government agencies and departments, and the regulator, which creates the perfect environment to support business formation and initiatives.

We take pride in fostering those close relationships and supporting the forging of new relationships in the international sphere to ensure that individuals and businesses in Gibraltar can grow and thrive unabated.